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Benefits of Owning a Farm | United Country Real Estate

Rural living isn’t just for farmers or ranchers. Learn how you can have your own farm, too.

Easy Ways to Create a Sustainable Farm | United Country Real Estate

Discover how to create a sustainable self-sufficient farm, from planning your project and managing the land to generating income.

Are Deer Farms Profitable? | United Country Real Estate

Planning to take your business into deer farming? Check out this guide from United Country Real Estate.

Published on December 12, 2022 By Natalia Kome

Benefits Of Organic Farming | United Country Real Estate

Organic farming can actually benefit everyone. Click here to read more.

Published on October 11, 2022 By Natalia Kome

10 Farmland Value Factors You Need to Know | United Country Real Estate

If you're considering buying farmland, these ten factors can help you determine if the price is right.

Published on September 19, 2022 By Natalia Kome

8 Reasons to Invest in Farmland | United Country Real Estate

If you're looking for a solid investment, farmland may be the answer. Here are eight reasons why you should invest in farmland today!

Why Do Old Farmers Tell Us August Is The Best Time To Buy a Farm?

Discover why farmer's have been saying that August is the best time to buy farmland for generations and what to look for when buying a farm.

Published on August 06, 2022 By Richard Thompson

How to Start a Farm: A Guide for Beginning Farmers

Want to start a farm? Here are the details on how to get started as well as some additional tips that might make your journey easier.

6 Ways to Choose Plants to Grow On Your Farm

This guide will help you grow plants on your farm. Learn about how soil, location and climate can influence your farm.

Important Financial Resources for First-Time Farm Buyers

Get direct help if you are a beginner farmer from first-time ranch loans and beginning farmer grants.

How to Monetize Your Hobby Farm: Tips from Successful Homesteaders

Some tips and tricks to make the most out of your farmland and monetize your hobby farm.

10 Things to Consider Before Purchasing Land For Sale

The best advice from experts on what to look for when buying land.

Published on April 22, 2022 By Natalia Kome

How to Find the Best Farm Properties in the Market

Let us help you find the best farmland property with this easy guide from United Country Real Estate.

Published on March 10, 2022 By Natalia Kome

How to Buy a Farm: 7 Simple Ways to Get Started - United Country Real Estate

Buying a farm is smooth sailing with this guide from United Country Real Estate.

Published on February 11, 2022 By Natalia Kome

Farm Trends and Forecast for 2022 - United Country Real Estate

Anything you need to know about farm trends and forecasts for 2022.

COVID Impacts on Farming

Learn how COVID-19 impacted farming and agriculture.

Published on February 03, 2021 By Natalia Kome

From Farm to Table: Are GMOs Safe?

Discover the truth behind GMOs and how they affect crops.

Published on October 15, 2020 By Natalia Kome

Is a Goat a Good Pet?

Learn the good and the bad when it comes to owning a goat.

Published on September 01, 2020 By Natalia Kome

Creating A Food Source

What to know before you start growing your own food.

Published on July 28, 2020 By Natalia Kome

Adding Tulips to Your Farm

Before you add beautiful tulips to your home, get informed on how to take care of the special flowers.

Published on June 29, 2020 By Natalia Kome

Tax Tips for Farmers in 2020

Here are some tips to navigating this tax season as a farmer.

Published on March 12, 2020 By Natalia Kome

Preparing Your Farm for Flooding

A quick checklist and guide to ensuring your farm and livestock are prepared for flooding during the rainy season.

Published on February 12, 2020 By Ashley Brietenbach

Nearly One Million Opt-in Buyers Searching for Farmland

United Country Real Estate has reached one million buyers for farmland.

Published on December 19, 2019 By Natalia Kome

Add a Haunted Attraction to Your Farm

Want to add something special to your farm? Here are some tips to making the most of your land with a corn maze!

Published on October 03, 2019 By Natalia Kome

United Country Celebrates 94 Years as Leader in Farmland Sales

United Country Real Estate celebrates 94 years as the leader in farmland sales.

Published on August 19, 2019 By Natalia Kome

Preparing for a Better Wheat Harvest

It is critical to prepare your farmland to provide a better wheat harvest. Here is how:

Published on June 27, 2019 By Natalia Kome

The Farmers' Almanac: Still Relevant for Today’s Farmers

The Farmers' Almanac is still a crucial resource for farmers of America. Here is why:

Published on May 23, 2019 By Natalia Kome

Adding Pigs to Your Farm

The pork industry is thriving, so here is a list of things to consider when creating a pig farm.

Published on March 08, 2019 By Natalia Kome

Ordering Seeds for Beginning Farmers

Your official guide to ordering seeds as a beginning farmer.

Published on February 19, 2019 By Natalia Kome

Aquaculture: A Growing Trend in Farming

The pros and cons of investing in aquaculture: the farming of fish.

Published on January 21, 2019 By Natalia Kome

Citrus Tree Farming for Beginners

A short guideline to farming citrus trees for beginniners.

Published on January 21, 2019 By Natalia Kome

Ways to Make an Extra Profit on Your Farm

Eight easy ways to produce extra profit on your farm.

Published on November 12, 2018 By Natalia Kome