Creating A Food Source

July 28, 2020
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What to know before you start growing your own food.

Creating A Food Source

By growing your own food, you take control of every part of the process from planting to harvest.

Sustainability needs to be at the forefront of any discussion when creating a personal food source. Not only is it better for you financially, but it is better for the fertility of the land itself. Without properly caring for a farm, it will not sustain a food supply for more than a few years. By utilizing available renewable resources, conservation and ecological farming practices you can create a successful food source for generations to come.

To start, you should understand the space you plan on using for growing food.

Consider the sunlight, slope and number of trees in the area. A soil test will provide information about essential nutrients and whether or not the ground is contaminated. When you're ready to plant consider referencing the USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map, which will offer insight into which plants can be thrive in your area. A map or plant-spacing chart also increases your chances for success. For certain plants and in the interest of maximizing space; rooftops, balconies, containers, hanging baskets and window sills can be useful additions to your farm/garden.

To yield the best results it's critical to have a plan before you start any farming operation.

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