The Farmers' Almanac: Still Relevant for Today’s Farmers

May 23, 2019
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The Farmers' Almanac is still a crucial resource for farmers of America. Here is why:

The Farmers' Almanac: Still Relevant for Today’s Farmers

Long before you clicked an app, asked Google or even tuned in to your local news for the weather forecast, there was The Old Farmers' Almanac.

Started in 1818, it is still used today to predict weather patterns, astronomical events and tides. It also includes articles and tips on gardening, fishing and tips for living a healthier life.

Having accurately predicted the weather for centuries, some argue that the Farmers' Almanac is more accurate that the meteorologists you get your weather from daily.

It even got it right when it came to this past winter, accurately predicting a year in advance that there will be brutally cold temperatures and an abnormally long winter (making spring start a little later). It’s been so helpful that even those planning big events like weddings will turn to the Almanac for insight. But perhaps those that find it most helpful are our farmers and avid gardeners.

Today, it’s still used to assess weather patterns and learn when it is the best time to plant seeds, go fishing or even take a vacation.

It also predicts weather up to two years out, giving farmers a chance to plan ahead for future planting seasons. It’s also now very easily accessible, growing exponentially digitally. It launched its website in 1997 and it currently has more than 1.2 followers on Facebook, and a strong presence on Twitter, Instagram and other social media sites.

Even with many accurate predictions over the years, there are still misses like the 2014 winter outlook that called for a big winter storm during the Super Bowl that year, but it ended up being above average temperatures. So, the moral of the story is to use both the Almanac and your local/area weather experts for the most accurate information. However, there’s still plenty of fun and valuable information you can get from reading the Almanac, so not all is lost. And if we know anything, it’s that our farmers are resilient and will adjust no matter what the weather.


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