Adding Pigs to Your Farm

March 08, 2019
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The pork industry is thriving, so here is a list of things to consider when creating a pig farm.

Adding Pigs to Your Farm

The pork industry is a thriving one.

It has an estimated $23.4 billion of gross output and supports more than 550,000 jobs. Given the added value, adding pigs to your farm can be a solid investment opportunity. However, there are a lot of things to consider before you decide to raise pigs.


If you're wanting feeder pigs and you want to start with around 20-30 pigs, you'll expect an initial investment of $700-$1000. Breeding sows cost around $150 each and boars run more than $200 each. Pigs also eat a lot; around 7-10 pounds of food per pig. There are many ways to help with the cost of food. Many pig farmers suggest talking to your local grocery stores to get expired bread and nearly expired milk at discounted rates.

Physical Requirements

You can raise pigs on large or small farms as they don't need a ton of room. However, pigs need shelter for sleeping and to keep them from harsh weather conditions like harsh sun rays, strong winds and rain. They are also strong animals and will need sturdy fencing to keep them confined. It is recommended to get hog fencing, but if it's too much for your pocketbook, try regular metal fencing. It's also important to make sure the pigs have a constant supply of clean water.

Health Concerns

Before you add any pigs to your farm, make sure you have their health fully checked. Some could be sold with certificates from a veterinarian if sold at auction, but if they are purchased privately, you'll need to check with your veterinarian about health regulations in your area.

Character/Animal Traits

Pigs have different personalities similar to humans. Many are calm and comfortable with humans, but some aren't. Some pigs can be aggressive, particularly with food, and can be dangerous to children. Two male pigs can also try to prove dominance and get aggressive with each other and mama pigs will get aggressive if protecting their piglets. These are big animals so use caution when around them. It's also best to keep them apart from other animals.


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